2024 Campaign To End Scam Victim Blaming

A Global Campaign To Address Misunderstandings About Relationship Scam Causes

Don’t Blame The Scam/Fraud Victims!

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We Have To Stop The Blaming NOW!

Victim Blaming in Scams is Everywhere!

Most people will say it could never happen to them and blame those who become victims!

When people say it could never happen to them, that is Victim Blaming!

Victim Blaming is Insidious and Everywhere

Most of the language that is used to describe these crimes in the media, by families and friends, in government and law enforcement, and in the anti-fraud & cybersecurity communities directly or indirectly blame the victims. We need to change this now!

Per the Gallop Organization, there are over 49,000,000 Americans who have become victims of scams of one nature or another, and over 100,000,000 worldwide.

We are fairly sure most of them said it would never happen to them either! Yet it does! All it takes is the right story, the right moment, and the right vulnerabilities and anyone can be scammed.

Everyone Can Be Scammed

And eventually, Everyone will be scammed!

This is the central FACT of our age! Criminals only have to succeed once, but victims have to succeed every time. We are all human, and this means we make mistakes and talk to strangers, or we are impulsive or sometimes careless, but scammers know this and engineer their lures to catch us.

Just because we are human does not mean we are to blame! We are just human.

If you want to learn the facts, visit RomanceScamsNOW.com & ScamsNOW.com – the information is all there. SCARS has spent a decade understanding and documenting the experience of scam victims. We understand the victimology and psychology of these crimes intimately. We have educated and supported over 9 million scam victims and had about 12,000 scam victims go through our support and recovery program. We know victims and we help them become survivors!

However, almost every place they turn, Scam Victims are blamed in obvious overt or subtle ways, and this has to come to a stop! NOW!

In Support of Scam Victims

Victim Blaming Harms Us All - Article from FINRA

By Christine Kieffer, Senior Director, Office of Investor Education, FINRA

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